Questions and answers

We have collected the most common questions.

If you have any further questions or specific enquirres about how we can help you, you are more than welcome to contact us any time!

Q: Do you offer advertising in other verticals then the ones that are listed?

A: Yes we do if we have relevant traffic, please contact us for further information.

Q: Can you create ads for us?

A: We can create banners, html email templates and landing pages.

Q: Do you have any startup fees?

A: No we do not have any startup or running fees.

Q: Do you charge per click or per impression?

A: No, we only offer CPA/CPO/CPL/CPA setup. 

Q: Do you have traffic that your competitors do not have?

A: We have several exclusive media partners  / publishers in Orion Media which we have built a strong relationship with over the past ten years. 

Q: Do I have control of which marketing material that is used?

A: Yes, all material is approved by you before use and this can be controlled in our advertiser login

Q: Do you store any personal data (GDPR)?

A: No, we only store a conversion-id, time and IP-adresse per conversion and click.

Q: How fast can we start a campaign?
  • A: About 1-3 days. We need an agreement, install tracking and receive marketing material before we can go online.
Q: Can I create my own content as a publisher?

A: This can is possible, but all need to be sent to us and approved by our advertisers. 

Q: How do I get paid as a publisher?
  • A: We will send payment to the bank details you have given us. You will receive a purchase order every month as documentation for the payment.
Q: Can we integrate with API?
  • A: Yes, please contact us for API information.
Q: What kind of tracking options do you have?

A: We use s2s, java and image for tracking.

Q: Can we set up a global postback with Orion Media?

A: Yes, also on events and conversions on campaign level

Q: Can I choose which currency my performance reports are?

A: Yes, but be aware that payment will be done in campaign currency.

Q: Are there a minimum payout?

A: No

Q. What does the different campaign types mean? (CPO/CPA/CPL/CPS)

A: Cost Per Order, Cost Per Action, Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Sale. 

See a detailed explanation here

Q: How to become an advertiser?

A: Click “advertiser” and follow instructions

Q: Do I need a registered company to become a publisher?

A: No you can register as both a company and as a private person. 

Q: Do I need a website to register as a publisher?

A: No, but we need to approve the media you want to use for the marketing before given access to our system. 

Q: Why did not my account get approved?

A: Either you have content that we do not approve of like porn, racism or in other ways offending content, or you did not reply to our teams efforts to get in touch. We need to speak to all our publishers before they are given access to our system.