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Orion Media has over 10 years experience in the Nordic Digital Media Universe. We have an unique oversight over the marketplace after having advertised over 1000 campaigns and bought and sold ads for over 750 Million NOK since 2011.

We are the go-to agency for volume, quality, second to none customer service and campaign sparring. We have a lot of experience on what works and what does not work, this knowledge we share with our customers.

To obtain success the customer journey and message to the target group need to be custom made for the digital universe we operate in, small changes will mean success or failure! This is where we come in with our experience and knowledge to guide you through the digital Jungle.

Orion Media has cooperation with leading Telemarketing partners and can offer one stop shopping with tailor made landing pages and a call center to convert the leads to customers. For more info and customer cases reach out to us.

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For advertiser related questions please contact:

Jørn Gundersen

Founder & Partner

+47 401 06 003