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High converting offers

and personal service

Service is our priority!

Orion Media has its expertise to service our publishers. As a publisher with us we can guarantee you a full service network, working for and with you.

Our network is relatively small compared to other networks, meaning you are very important both to us as a network and to our advertisers. Our top priority is to make sure we grow your revenue together with our advertisers in close communication.  

We are available on all communication platforms all day and night to answer your questions, or make a special deal in regards to specific offers / advertisers

We are always there to reward you for your traffic and to increase your revenue with us. We know that what is utmost important when choosing a network consists of a few factors:


Operating as an affiliate network, we understand how important good and reliable service is for you.

We put our pride in always responding within a very short period of time to you.

You can always reach us on most communications platforms at any time of the day. 

Campaigns and commission

For us to grow, we know it is important to have a broad range of offers that are able to give a high converting value and that matches our affiliates traffic sources. We are always open to take on board new advertisers to match them up with big traffic sources. We live of the volume on our offers and you can always trust us to have a high split of our margin on the offers. This is also important for our advertisers so that our affiliates can grow our advertisers hand in hand.

Secure Payment

We have secured your payment with our partner Nordea Bank, meaning we will be able to pay you on time and early each month.

In our lifespan we have never missed a single payment to all of our affiliates


Our industry has historically used java or image pixels that rely on cookies. We are using server-to-server tracking that is cookieless that is posting accurate results in real time.

Contact us

For advertiser related questions please contact:

Jørn Gundersen

Founder & Partner

For publisher related questions please contact:

Simen Lorntzen

Founder & Partner

+47 913 42 409