About us

Orion Media is a Nordic Performance Marketing Agency. We have over 10 years experience in the digital marketplace both with advertiser campaigns and publishers online media.

We are the go-to agency for volume, quality, second to none customer service and campaign sparring.

For us it is important that we create a perfect relationship between our advertisers, us and the publishers. This way we create great results and ROI for all parties involved in the marketing process.

Orion Media: Passion and Results! For more info about what we can offer to advertisers or publishers, please read more in those sections on this site. 

Contact us

For advertiser related questions please contact:

Jørn Gundersen

Founder & Partner

+47 401 06 003

For publisher related questions please contact:

Simen Lorntzen

Founder & Partner

+47 913 42 409