Simen A. Lorntzsen

Born and raised in the cold but beautiful Tromsø, Norway. I made my way into the affiliate marketing scene with a goal to become the best at my field of work at an international affiliate marketing company. Focusing my efforts in servicing publishers to create the most out of each campaign and sharing my knowledge across to the advertisers to create the best possible converting campaign.


For the past 7 years, I have been fully dedicated in mapping the Nordics for good collaborations in the publishing area. I feel like I know the publisher market as my own childhood street and I am ready to take on the exciting new adventure of building up Orion Media with excellent business partners around the world.

My values will always be to work hard and dedicated until we achieve a good result. I have noticed that what’s important, is to listen to the needs of our partners and find a solution to create a bond between the right campaign and the right publisher.

Orion Media will be built on the values that have created good results in our previous experiences and working hard to improve these every day. I can guarantee you an engagement if your business fits our purpose.

I am always up for a chat about your business and how Orion Media can help you and your business.

Please give me a call or pop me a mail to get started with a good dialogue.

Phone: +47 913 42 409