Unique way of doing affiliate marketing

Our goal in Orion Media is make it easy and transparent to choose your marketing partners.

We have over thirteen years of experience working in the affiliate business. We know the DO’s and DON’T’s and we know WHO to cooperate with.

Most affiliate networks today work as closed entities. You will not be able to see who your traffic providers are, and you will not be able to get the information you need to scale your business to new heights.

When we decided to form Orion Media, the first thing we decided was to be an open and transparent network. We will provide you with your own customized login to our platform. You will be able to see who is marketing your campaign with full details – all this in real time.

What makes us unique in the business is that we will provide you with the full information of our affiliates.

We offer you:

  • The name of the company that markets your campaign
  • The URL to where your campaign is at display
  • How well they are performing on your campaign in comparison to other affiliates
  • What you pay in commission (You can differ prices pr. affiliate)
  • Possibilities to make a gold, silver and bronze segment on your campaign to attract publisher to become loyal to your campaign
  • Follow up on the affiliates running your campaign to boost their performance even more.
  • Face to face meetings / Conference call with affiliates arranged by Orion Media where ideas are exchanged.
  • 100% focused network giving you value for every cent you put into your marketing.

We want to be unique in the affiliate market scene. We will have few clients focused around one vertical. We will also have a few, but big publishers, making sure we are able to have 100% control over how campaigns are presented.

We look forward to getting in contact with you.


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