No-Cure No-Pay

We live and thrive for that model and we believe that this is what makes affiliate marketing unique and attractive. Scaling your business with the affiliates is a very effective way of getting a head start on your competitors.

When starting a campaign in Orion Media, we help you set up a campaign that will be attractive to our affiliates. Setups differ on your type of business model, brand, how much risk you are willing to take and what our affiliates are having success with right now.

A few examples on setups we offer:

  • X$ / pr. Application or successful conversion
  • X$ / pr. Approved application or approved conversion
  • X$ / pr. Payed out loan / credit card
  • X%$ on the amount of the payed out loan
  • Hybrid models where we combine the above setups.

All clients are unique; therefore, we strive to be as flexible as possible to make sure the setup we agree on fits your business model perfectly. Changing setups is also a very effective way to gain interest to your campaign when the campaign has been running for a while.

Orion Media also has a lot of other ‘tricks up our sleeves’, but we will leave that for our personal talks with you as a client. Rest assured everything will be on a No-Cure and No-Pay model.


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