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Advertisers demand more. The market demand more. The responsible people for their online marketing strategies have more knowledge about affiliate marketing and they know how they want it done. They demand to see more and do more with each channel running traffic to their site or offer.

One of most important values Orion Media was founded on, is to offer clients more insight in what we do and who we use to market your brand. We know how important it is for you to get 100% transparency and trust that your marketing partners are compliant.

Therefore, we offer you, your own advertiser login, filled with data about where your campaign is displayed, how its displayed, who is running your campaign, and how much volume each affiliate delivers to you. This allows us to have an open dialogue about what can approved on each affiliate running your campaign.

Examples of optimizations we are used to do with our clients can be:

  • Can a deeper collaboration with specific affiliates give you more value on short and long-term?
  • When a program has been running for a while. Are we able to do minor or bigger changes, in collaboration with the affiliate to make it better?
  • If an affiliate is running too many clicks vs. conversions, what can we do to raise the overall conversion rate and EPC?
  • How is your campaign matching up against other campaigns on the market? A dialogue about what it takes to make your campaign the best on the market.
  • What are the publisher’s honest opinion about your campaign – Why is it good? Why is it not running as they had hoped for, and what can we do together to fix this?
  • Face to face meetings with affiliates running your campaign for a constructive dialogue on how to increase earnings for all parts.


These are a few points on how we do business and what we believe is the way forward in affiliate marketing.

If you are interested in a talk about your brand we are always open for a talk.


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